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You Can Make A Difference


There a number of ways you can be directly involved in the ministry of Partners with Haiti.


Bethany Project--Sponsor a Haitian child, likely giving him/her the first  and perhaps only opportunity to receive an education. read more 


Work Teams--You can be on the ground working alongside Haitians on various projects and ministries. read more


Sister Churches--Your church can associate with a Haitian congregation to help provide encouragement and support.

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Donations--Bethany Project, Work Teams, and sister churches do provide significant help to the ministries in Haiti. However, general donations from churches and individuals make a big difference too. read more  



Building lots and streets in Port au Prince are being cleared; though material recovery will take years. Partners with Haiti is working with churches to bring spiritual help and aid that will have an eternal impact.



Getting Your Questions Answered

We do want to hear from you. Some people have been asking why we don't post a contact phone number. The reason is that in the U.S. we don't have an office or staff to answer phones. Our Board is all volunteer, and members serve from their own homes. The Barrington, Rhode Island, address collects all mail which is then distributed for action. So, if you wish to contact us by mail, please feel free; however you can reach any of us directly by sending an email, and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible. Click here for email addresses. Thanks.

Your tax deductible donations will directly help build lives and educate children in Haiti.
Thank you.




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BONJOU! Mesi anpil pou vizite website Partners with Haiti! Nou kontan wap enterese nan Ayiti!Partners With Haiti (PWH) se yon òganizasyon Kretyen ki gen yon pwogram sipò pou timoun, èd pou lekòl, legliz, pastè ak klinik medikal nan Ayiti. Nou te travay Ayiti depi tan lontan, PWH te fèt nan lane 1981 nan Barrington, Rhode Island.

Doktè Jean Claude Noel ak bon zanmil Dr. David Maderia te travay lajounen kou lannwit pou moun Ayiti! Jodia Partners With Haiti travay anpil pou ede moun apre tranblemanntè ki te pase nan mwa Janvye 2010. Mesi pou pasyans ou, nou poko fini ak website la, men nou ankouraje ou pouw tounen isit la pou nouvèl Ayiti! “Men anpil, chay pa lou"