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New Year's Message from Our Director for Haiti

Claude NoelGod hath in these last days spoken unto us by his son whom He hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also He created the worlds (Hebrews 1:2). 


Happy New year to our Friends, prayer partners and supporters.  


Best wishes for the USA board of Partners with Haiti. Our gratitude goes to them for their spirit of service in helping those who directly labor in the projects within Haiti. Actually we Haitians handle the local work within Haiti. We have a group of 30 modestly paid office workers, those who travel and serve as link between the projects, the banks and the U.S. voluntary board. Actually, The AFCA village compound costs us the most. It comprises a homeless village, a medical clinic, a high school and a church. The 400 students are fed a complete meal every school day. 


We are very much encouraged by the success of the Evangelical movement in Haiti. There are Evangelical churches in places that were very hostile to the gospel. God is at work. The Lord allowed me to start three churches around the city of Port-au-Prince. They have grown up to become large and mature congregations with their own pastors and staff. Help us pray for their individual maturity. 


Pray for us that the Lord will call faithful churches and individuals to continue in support. I am still active and still welcome to Haitian pulpits everywhere. Some of my friends say they need me because of my age and life commitment. I like to stimulate the younger ones about what God has done for me and through me. God bless you and yours in 2014, Claude Noel 

NH Sponsor Provides Career Training
FC TL SP 88For a number of years Gwen Mains in the Lakes Region of Central New Hampshire has been sponsoring a Haitian high school student, Frantzo Charles. Frantzo is in the Bethany Project of PWH. Two years ago he was in an academic program that just wasn't right for his interests and abilities. He switched to a professional program, and this by translation from his French is what he recently wrote to Gwen.
"Thank you because you were there to help me and to let me have some better days. Thank you because now I am free. My family congratulates you and salutes you for the great work you are doing. It makes me happy. I urge you not to despair, because your help for me is not in vain. At his time I am becoming a plumber. Sincerely, Frantzo."
Without Gwen's help, Frantzo would probably have little education and no hope for work that could support him and a future family. Gwen knows how good it feels to help this young man.

Help Complete AFCA Church Building


AFCA Church 2011A long-time friend of Dr. Claude and Lydie Noel, Helen Grondal Gilliatt, has donated her talents and production resources to offer Overtones: Touching the Heart, a CD of her piano Music, as a fund raiser to help complete the church at AFCA Village, Port au Prince, in 2012. Order, click here.


To see photos of contruction progress since the year 2000, click here.


The Mission of Partners with Haiti


The mission of Partners with Haiti is to fulfill our Lord’s Great Commission as stated in Matthew 28:19-20 and in the spirit of Matthew 25:25-40, to provide the following: A channel of support for Haitian Christian workers and projects; setting up sister church relationships between churches in Haiti and U.S. /Canadian churches; assistance in the growth and development of the churches; provision of U.S. and Haitian speakers to present the work; and encouragement and support for the development of Haitian National leadership.


The greatest thing you can do is join with us in assisting the Evangelical Church in Haiti to carry out its wonderful work. The ministry of PWH has spanned almost a half century. You will find the Haitian Christian family to be gracious--very appreciative of our fellowship, and our strengthening their hands in ministry.



Please email us with questions or comments anytime.


Getting Your Questions Answered

We do want to hear from you. Some people have been asking why we don't post a contact phone number. The reason is that in the U.S. we don't have an office or any staff to answer phones. Our Board is all volunteer, and members serve from their own homes. The Barrington, Rhode Island, address collects all mail which is then disributed for action. So, if you wish to contact us by mail, please feel free; however you can reach any of us directly by sending an email, and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible. Click here for email addresses. Thanks.

Your tax deductible donations will directly help build lives and educate children in Haiti.
Thank you.




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BONJOU! Mesi anpil pou vizite website Partners with Haiti! Nou kontan wap enterese nan Ayiti!Partners With Haiti (PWH) se yon òganizasyon Kretyen ki gen yon pwogram sipò pou timoun, èd pou lekòl, legliz, pastè ak klinik medikal nan Ayiti. Nou te travay Ayiti depi tan lontan, PWH te fèt nan lane 1981 nan Barrington, Rhode Island.

Doktè Jean Claude Noel ak bon zanmil Dr. David Maderia te travay lajounen kou lannwit pou moun Ayiti! Jodia Partners With Haiti travay anpil pou ede moun apre tranblemanntè ki te pase nan mwa Janvye 2010. Mesi pou pasyans ou, nou poko fini ak website la, men nou ankouraje ou pouw tounen isit la pou nouvèl Ayiti! “Men anpil, chay pa lou"




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